Testimonials and Past Projects

Here are a few happy snaps with our most recent investors

Past Projects

Orca Court Seaford Meadows



Mitchell Park

Glenelg North



College Park

Exciting new release at Bowden from just $38 per week

Brand new Brompton apartments

Brand New Townhouses on the Lake at Mawson Lakes

Other Testimonials

With our children at school and returning to work with average incomes, we knew we had to do something long term to support our children to enter the housing market. If we can give them a good education and a decent asset this is the ‘leg up’ in the world we believe will make their life easier. So, we started this amazing journey with TIPS, from the initial connection, they understood this was a choice for our family’s future, not just a house. And dare I say we did it and have no regrets. The regular income means our houses are being paid for, and we have a secure future for our children. Who knows we might even think about a few more in the future for us.

Paul and Dy – Southern Metro

We were introduced to Fred by a friend that had bought a number of properties using his service and we were amazed at how easy he made the whole process. We had found an investment property already however my husband and I were uncomfortable with the negotiation process and our friend Steve recommended we ask Fred to help us.

We contacted Fred on the Monday morning after we went and saw the property for the third time and were ready to sign on the dotted line at the right price. The problem was that we didn’t know what to offer. The price range advertised was $490,000 – $520,000 and from what we had seen in the area we thought that an offer of $500,000 would be a fair amount.

Fred organised a time for three of us to sit down and look at real figures of similar houses that had sold in the area. Most importantly he showed us that the house we were looking at had actually been for sale for almost 4 months.

We then all went and inspected the home again at a private viewing and after the meeting Fred suggested we make an offer of $465,000 which my husband and I would never have done in a fit but we did it anyway. After a few days of going back and forward we ended up buying the property for $475,000.
We were stoked at the price as we would have paid $500,000 and maybe a little bit more if we had to. After saving us more than $25,000 we were pleasantly surprised when we found out that the fee for his service was only $4,750.

He took all the stress away from the process and we saved money.

Thank you Fred you were fantastic and we will be recommending you to anyone we hear that’s looking to buy a investment property and we will be doing it again soon

Ian and Sue from Stepney

I would highly recommend TIPS to all of my friends as their service was fantastic. My wife and I were due to go on holidays and a property that we were interested in buying was due to be auctioned while we were away. A friend of ours suggested we contacted Fred to bid on our behalf which we did.

I thought that we had to be in Adelaide to be able to buy the property however Fred explained to us that there was a way that he could buy it on our behalf.

We sat done with Fred and he explained the process and we set a price that we would be comfortable to go to. The auction was still a week away and we were due to fly out and start our holidays the next day when the phone rang. To our shock it was Fred congratulating us on buying our investment property. He had negotiated a price for the property that the owners were happy to take prior to auction and it was less than the full price we were prepared to go to. This was very surprising as when we asked the real estate agent 2 weeks prior about putting offers in prior to auction we were told that the owner wanted it to be auctioned and wasn’t accepting offers. Either way it suited us perfectly as we didn’t have to go away and worry for the first week of our holidays whether we would get the property or not.

Thank you Fred for making our holidays a more enjoyable one and for saving us money at the same time

Anthony and Jess

I have dealt with Fred for almost ten years now and in that time he has helped me buy more than 6 properties. My property portfolio is worth almost twice the price I bought them for and apart from the initial money I put in 10 years ago I haven’t put in another cent. Fred showed me how we could use the growing equity in the properties over the years to borrow against and buy more properties. This year I will be buying 2 more homes and there is only one person that I would use to help me.

I have referred over 10 different friends and work colleges to Fred and all of them have said that they were happy with the help he has given them and have also referred him to their friends.

If you’re looking to buy an investment property don’t be crazy and do it on your own, talk to Fred and you won’t be sorry.

Thanks mate for all your help.

PS to bad about the Crows this year, GO THE PIES