Our Goal

We aim to offer the novice investor a complete range of services to enable them to purchase an investment property with confidence. We have alliances with various organizations including Finance Companies, Accountants, Quantity Surveyors and we offer recommendations to Property Management in your area to complete all your needs whilst investing in Property.

When working with investors, we show you through our alliances, how to structure the finance and maximise your tax deductions and cash flow. Quite often a few simple changes in structuring can make hundreds of dollars difference in cash flow.

Any property you buy with the assistance of Total Investment Property Solutions will be made “Subject to Finance” at your request (unless purchased at auction). This option protects you so if the purchase does not come up to valuation or for any other reason the funder refuses to advance you sufficient funds, the contract can be cancelled and your full deposit returned.

It is our goal, for you as a Property Investor to profit from working with us, as this will enable and encourage you to invest in property with us again. We do not advertise our services in major marketing arenas, so it is up to us to perform our duties with the utmost credibility and transparency so you will spread the word about Total Investment Property Solutions to all of your friends and family.