Peter Thomas

Peter Thomas is the General Manager of the Total Investment Property Group, having joined us in April 2013, to take on the administrative management, legal and contractual needs and technological, systems and processes of the group allowing Fred Rasheed to grow the business from a sales and marketing perspective.

Peter has also worked closely with Fred since 2001. Peter has come to TIPS with almost 12 years′ experience with one of South Australia′s largest and well known home loan broking companies and prior to that some 18 years finance experience with one of the big 4 banks.

Whilst Peter has an interest in investment properties, his skill and expertise is in the back office, ensuring the business is operating efficiently and effectively and within any particular legislative requirements. This supports the sales and property management teams in being able to maximise the quality of service in meeting the needs of our clients, those everyday people, looking to start or build their investment property portfolio.

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