Penny Young – RLA 249983

Penny Young the Managing Director of TIPM and Senior Property Buyer at TIPS believes that if you teach a man to fish, he will be fed for life. The same applies to property investing, by helping someone to take that first step and share knowledge and experience, it establishes a strong foundation to building a wealth providing property portfolio.

Penny is a Registered Land Agent and has worked within the real estate industry for approximately 15 years and within that time has sold residential properties as well as working with property developers where she assisted in purchasing developable properties and then sold the properties once developed. Prior to Real Estate, she had a diverse career which involved owning several businesses from cafes and catering to a promotions agency. She was the National Sales and Marketing Manager for an Australian fashion label and a corporate member of the Adelaide Convention and Tourism Authority.

She has invested in property from the age of 23 and has experienced the highs of choosing the right property as well as experiencing the results of what a bad choice can do. Penny was often asked by friends her opinion on what location they should purchase their properties in and whether she thought it to be of good value. As she was regularly involved in others property purchases she decided to research Investment groups and what they had to offer. It was through this research which included attending many seminars as well as the suggestion from a friend that she made the acquaintance of Fred Rasheed.

I wasn′t looking for a career change as I was satisfied with the industry I was working in. However after my initial discussion with Fred I could see that the service he offered his clients (many of them repeat clients) was very unique as he would work one on one with them and assist them within their financial capabilities to purchase investment properties as well as educating them step by step on what to do next. From that moment and possibly for the first time in my life I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my working years.

To catch a fish and have a feed is exciting but there′s nothing as rewarding to me as the expression on someone′s face when they realize that what they had always perceived to be too hard is actually very simple and that they too will be catching fish and providing for their families.

At its core, Penny′s professional service is founded on the steadfast aim to your financial security and wealth creation through purchasing the RIGHT property.

The fish are biting so Contact Penny Young on 0439 899 739

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