Trying to get into the property investment market without help can be scary!

I’ve been investing in property for decades and in that time I’ve met with a hundreds of people whose previous belief was that investing in property was a luxury only afforded by the rich and famous. Most of these people had considered buying an investment property but had never taken the right steps to put themselves in a position to succeed. One couple told me they’d been out looking at properties every weekend for the past 22 weeks and every time they thought they’d found the right property it was sold before they could make an offer! With the services of TIPS they have now bought their first investment property and we are already planning for their second.

To be a serious property investor you need to gain knowledge in many different areas to know you’re making good purchasing decisions. This can take years of education and practice to get it right. Procrastination can be one of the biggest hurdles that most first time investors will face. If you’re trying to do this alone you may find you’re unsure about making the right decision and this could lead to you walking away and doing nothing.

Let us take away the guesswork

At TIPs we’ll take away all the guess work, uncertainty and fears you may have and quite simply handle them on your behalf. Humans are by nature driven primarily by emotions, but making emotional decisions in property investment can cost you money…big money. By acting on your behalf, we cut through the personal factors ensuring your investment property is purchased for the purpose it was designed; to be a good investment.

Recently one of my clients said that she just didn’t want to buy an apartment. When I asked her why the response was simply that she didn’t like them. The apartment I found for her was $268,000, had 3 bedrooms and was tenanted for another 9 months with an income of $390 per week (interest only loan for $268,000 at 7% = $360 per week / rent $390). It was also only 7 years old in Mawson Lakes and was perfect for students. As an investor this was a very good buy in my opinion however, she didn’t like apartments. Do you think that was a good investment decision or an emotional decision? The property was on the market for only 48 hours and sold for the full asking price before it even reached its first open inspection.

As an investor myself, I would have bought this property in the time it would take to pick up the phone and say SOLD.

Let me give you a comparison to something that I tell many of my clients about investing. If you were thinking of buying shares in BHP would you go and look at the hole that they are digging to mine for iron ore and make a decision based on how it looked, or would you look at the numbers and compare it to the market and make your decision on whether it’s a good buy? Any investment decision is predominately based on demand for the product, price, affordability, get out options and future growth. Yes there are others however, I’m sure you get my point.

Will you retire poor?

Remember the reason we are looking at property? To hopefully retire earlier and wealthier! Did you know that only 5% of Australians will retire wealthy? The rest are currently retiring with as little as $340 per week. Is this where you see yourself or are you going to do something about it and be one of the 5%?
Investing in property can be a great way of retiring earlier and wealthier, it’s just a matter of talking to the right people to see if this strategy can work for you.

It’s never too late to start investing in property

Many people think that because they are older they’ve missed the boat, however this month my average client’s age has been 52 years old and all of them are now on their way to a better future by starting the process to invest in property

You don’t need to be Donald Trump to get started

Most people believe they need to be wealthy or have lots of money in the bank to invest in property. If that’s your current belief it might come as a huge surprise to find that in fact you may need as little as $1000 and equity in a property to get started. The $1000 is for a deposit that will be required to secure a property and to take it off of the market and then we can use your current property’s equity as security for the balance.

At TIPS, we’ll sit down with you and go through the whole process at an absolutely no obligation meeting. If you decide to go ahead, a fee for service will be charged in line with the amount of roles and duties you ask us to perform on your behalf. This fee will be discussed upfront and will not change throughout the time you are looking for a property. If there is no sale then there will be no fee! Obviously if you ask us to perform actions that require a third party to charge TIPS a fee then we will pass this fee onto you.

So don’t just sit there and wonder about your future, fill in the form below for a free, no obligation appointment or contact me at;

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