Selling your home

Helpful tips if you are considering selling your home which will help with the price you get and the time it will take to sell.

The first 30 days of your property being for sale is crucial and you need to be able to have it ready to go before you put it up for sale.

Your agent will promote your property to their best ability with fancy one liners and comments like don’t miss out , first to see will buy and possible investors delight however, if the image doesn’t go with the advertising you will make your home even harder to sell.

Follow these steps and you should do your advertising justice.

  1.  Make sure you have tidied up around the house and be brutal. Hire a skip and if you haven’t used it for the last 2 years the chances are you won’t in the next 2 so throw it out.
  2. Box up anything that you don’t use on a regular bases and stack it up in the garage or move it out to family or friends home until you sell. Items like books and toys can take up a lot of space
  3. Let there be light – make sure you have bright light globes installed in all rooms
  4. Get the duster out – nobody likes to see cobwebs hanging from the ceiling or hiding in the corners so get the ladder out and do your spring cleaning.
  5. Make sure all the curtains and blinds are open on the day of the open inspection and most importantly, clean your windows perfectly.
  6. Make sure your walls are clean and if any touch ups are required to the paint get it done before it becomes a way of any potential buyer to knock the price down.
  7. First impressions are important – most people will have started to form an opinion on your property even before they get out of their car. Make sure your garden has been trimmed and cleared of any unsightly vegetation and you have kept the water up well before the open so the garden looks its best. If required replace any dead plants or fill in any blank areas. Colour is also great to make the place look attractive and if you are lucky enough to have a picket fence or similar make sure the paint is good
  8. Mould – doesn’t matter how good your bathroom looks if there is mould on the walls or ceiling that is all they will remember. Clean it and paint it.
  9. Last of all cooking a cake on the morning of an open will always go down well.

Happy selling,


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