Investing in property with Super (SMSF)


Looking to buy an Adelaide Investment property with your SMSF? Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) are another option when entering the property investment market. All working Australians receive super contributions. Those who qualify and run a self-managed superfund are able to use these contributions towards your investment property. Better still the ongoing super payments that you receive from your employer can be used to pay the difference between your mortgage / expenses and the rental income received. Call TIPS today, and we will work with you to help you purchase your new investment property.

How does this work?

Everyone receives a super contribution if they work and if you qualify which includes having a self-managed superfund you can use the contributions sitting in your account to purchase an investment property.

Let’s say you find a new home to buy which costs $400,000, and you have over $140,000 in your self-managed superfund to use. $120,000 will go towards the deposit and $20,000 towards the fees. This will mean that you will need to borrow $280,000.

Ok a loan of $280,000 interest only will cost you around $312 per week
The expenses to own a property around $100 per week
Total expenses $412 per week
Less rent to be received $340 per week
Balance to be paid by your fund will be $72 per week

If your household income is $60,000 per year from your employers, they will be contributing 9.50% of that amount towards your super fund, which works out to be around $109 per week. The taxman will want around 15% of that leaving you with $93 per week towards property contributions.

Based on the above calculations you will need to pay nothing out of your own pocket to support your superfund owning a new investment property.

Call TIPS today, and we will work with you to help you purchase your new investment property.


Before making any decision whether to purchase an investment property you should seek your own independent professional advice tailored to your specific needs and circumstances Now clearly there is a lot involved in setting this up and you will need to discuss the process with all of the relevant professional advisors to ensure that you are making the right decision.

Independent advice will be required from your financial planner, accountant and lender before TIPS can allow you to commit to any property which will ensure you get it right.All figures are to be used as a guide only.Each lender will have differing terms and conditions.

Not everyone can use their Super to set up a SMSF. Assumptions made to calculate weekly payments that may vary this text here.

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