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TIPS are always looking to improve your knowledge of the property investment market. Here, we provide a number of interesting articles by TIPS CEO, Fred Rasheed, on different aspects of the property market and investment opportunities and short clips on TIPS TV.

Trying to get into the property investment market without help can be scary!

I’ve been investing in property for decades and in that time I’ve met with a hundreds of people whose previous belief was that investing in property was a luxury only afforded by the rich and famous. Most of these people had considered buying an investment property but had never taken the right steps to put themselves in a position to succeed. One couple told me they’d been out looking at...

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms save lives by providing homeowners with early warning about house fires. Fitting a smoke alarm in your home will help protect your family and ensure you get out safely if the worst should happen.

It is now a requirement of the Development Act 1993 that all South Australian homes are fitted with a working smoke alarm. This means that you, as a homeowner or residential landlord, are...

Population Growth in Australia

The relevance to these numbers for an investor is exceptional.
Approximately 1 additional person in Australia roughly every 1 minute and 11 seconds
That’s the growth of our population right now.

What does this mean is housing terms?

Our population is simply growing faster than we can build houses which has pushed rental...

First Time Property Investors – Knocking down and developing Do it on your own or get help from an expert?

Many investors start off by finding a nice block of land with a rundown house on it and knock it down to build two maisonettes or similar thinking that if everything goes right, in 12 months it will provide them with a quick buck and they are on their way to becoming another Donald Trump.

Hmmmm, good luck with that!!

Builders out there are promoting their quick build times...

Selling your home

Helpful tips if you are considering selling your home which will help with the price you get and the time it will take to sell.

The first 30 days of your property being for sale is crucial and you need to be able to have it ready to go before you put it up for sale.

Your agent will promote your property to their best ability with fancy one liners and comments like don’t miss out , first...

16 Steps to buying your first home

If you or one of your family or friends are thinking of buying your first or subsequent home here is a list of steps that may help you put things in order or priority

16 steps to follow when buying your first home or subsequent property to live in

  • Decide what type of home you want e.g. unit, town house, traditional house or apartment. Some people look to big to soon...
  • Becoming a successful investor developer

    Take action and make decisions quickly!

    The first and most important rule of becoming a successful investor is to take action and make decisions quickly! A success investor will analyse all the information presented to them and from there will make a quick ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision. The term ‘maybe’ will not even enter their minds as they need to move on to the next opportunity before...

    How many investment properties do you need to retire?

    16 steps to follow when buying your first home or subsequent property to live in

    Let’s face it, most people look into purchasing investment properties to be able to enhance their wealth for retirement so they can continue to live an ordinary life. What do I mean by an ordinary life? Well think about all of the activities you do now and the items you enjoy having in your...

    Home Loans

    7 steps to getting it right with your mortgage – written by TIPS

    • Don’t borrow more than you can afford
      Don’t push yourself to the point of discomfort. Find a figure that you feel comfortable with and set that as the absolute maximum you should be committing yourself too. For example, if you feel you can afford to pay no more than could $450...

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