TIPS can act for you as a Buyer’s Agent

What is a Buyer’s Agent?

A Buyer’s Agent is a professional licensed real estate agent who will help you hunt for a house or property. TIPS will act on behalf of you the buyer and help you source the property you are after. TIPS will then, appraise the value, perform due diligence, negotiate, or bid at auction for you, and ensure a smooth settlement.

Buyer’s Agents work exclusively for the buyer, avoiding conflict of interest which is inherent in the...

Taking the first step

One of the biggest mistakes we see are clients who are not prepared to engage in a serious offer because they themselves are not prepared correctly.

The best place to start, is for you to have your finances in order. You wouldn’t go shopping without checking what’s in your purse or wallet or knowing the balance on your credit card, yet I see people all the time signing contracts without talking to a home loan professional first.

TIPS have a free home loans service that can quickly obtain a pre-approved home loan to ensure you are ready to make a serious offer when the time comes. So, unless you are a cash buyer then putting your finance in place is the first step. It will also give you the edge with your offer compared to buyers who have not gone through the home loan process.

Do you need to sell your home first?

If you have a current home that needs to be sold first, then TIPS can give you a number of options including helping you choose an agent to sell your home and negotiate the fees for this service. Not all agents are the same and there can be a big difference in their fees and what they include in their service.

Knowing what you are looking for

Our first meeting will be to ensure we are all on the same page and discuss what type of property you are looking for with a comprehensive brief.

This brief will set out size, type, location, price, must haves and importantly what you don’t want so we don’t waste your time or ours any more than necessary.

TIPS will also go through the appropriate paperwork that needs to be in place prior to us acting on your behalf which is commonly called an Agency Agreement.

An Agency Agreement must be signed by the same people who are buying the property and at that point the negotiated Engagement Fee is payable.

An engagement fee will vary depending on the brief and amount of work that is required to find you the perfect property and once that is done, we will get started finding you the ideal property.

We will work hard to investigate properties on your behalf, utilising our extensive network of agent contacts and industry knowledge.  Many of these properties will be off-market, and not yet seen by the general public. We will advise you as soon as we have properties suitable for your shortlist.  We can then inspect them together at a time that suits you or go through the plans if they are to be built.

Once you are happy with a selected property, we will complete our due diligence which includes and not limited to:

  • Discuss offer
  • Arrange further inspections.
  • Discuss any required conditions that need to form part of your offer
  • Speak to your home loan provider and discuss options and requirements based on the property.
  • Review the contract and provide a copy to your conveyancer.
  • Attending building and pest inspections on your behalf
  • Explain any grants that you are eligible for
  • Communicate with selling agent
  • Pick up settlement pack
  • Organise property manager if you are an investor
  • Discuss insurance required

The two most common options in purchasing a property are by negotiating price which is by Private Treaty, or by purchasing at auction. Both options have their challenges, and we will help you prepare for each one effectively to ensure you have the best option of becoming successful in your purchase.

Sometimes there is also an opportunity of putting in an offer prior to auction which will also be discussed. This is normally done if we believe there is large interest in the property as on the day the final price maybe far great due to the competition.

This is where our knowledge of the local market and the industry really comes in to play.  If attending the auction, we will do so and bid on your behalf and prior days before the auction we will discuss price, strategy and what will happen on the day, so you are aware of the procedures.

Quite often properties don’t sell during the auction and negotiations are required for sometimes many days after which we will be involved in with you. Our job is only done when you have purchased a home.

Generally, our clients will find a suitable home between one to six months.

We will be with you throughout the settlement period to ensure that everything goes as smooth as possible, and we will even organise the keys to go to you or your property manager if you have purchased the property as an investment.

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