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At TIPS, we believe First Home Owners who are looking for great value properties in Adelaide should not have to jump through hoops. We understand the frustrations and challenges in buying your first home. We speak to people every week who are looking to enter the home ownership market and they all say the same thing; “Many of the homes on the market are well outside the affordability of the average First Home Owner”. Added to that, when homes of good value in livable areas come on the market, the demand and competition is high, making it tough to buy.

We firmly believe in supporting South Australians, and as such, we regularly offer property for sale which enable families on moderate incomes to purchase a home. In some cases, we at TIPS have struck a deal with the developer to offer homes for sale exclusively to First Home Owners or people looking for Affordable Housing for period of time before they are offered for sale to the wider Adelaide market.

To better help people along the way, TIPS works closely with a number of brokers and lenders to help you with everything from lending capacity, pre-approval and even your savings plan. Also, ask about TIPS Money; a gift from us to help you on your way to saving for a deposit.

If you would like further details about Affordable Homes in Adelaide, or if you are a First Home Owner just starting off in the market, contact our friendly team at TIPS.

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