Our Services

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Total Investment Property Solutions will help you with all the research you need to perform before going out and looking for a property. We will weigh up the benefits of any property you find and if required negotiate price with the vendor on your behalf.  In fact when buying an investment property there are quite a number of steps you need to take from start to finish and we can do as little or as much as you require. This can include talking to all other associated service providers you require.

Many of our clients don’t want to do a thing and will leave the entire process of finding an investment property to us and be consulted through the different stages.  Research, stress, time, confusion, auctions, dealing with agents and associated services, if this is something you can do without we are happy and ready to take the pressure away from you from start to finish.

Our service fee

Total Investment Property Solutions is a fee for service business, and this will be discussed with you at your first free no obligation interview. Normally our fee to our clients would be $0 as we predominately offer properties that are available by builders who will remunerate us for bringing them business.

If you are to buy a property which is not offered by one of our suppliers then the fee will be in line with the extent of services you require us to perform or arrange on your behalf as well as the information you request from us. Any external services will be charged separately by the provider.

What services does Total Investment Property Solutions Offer?

Total Investment Property Solutions offer a complete service in regards to buying an investment property for the first time investor as well as subsequent properties.  We specialise in helping mum and dads as well as singles starting out that need help.

We will discuss the full range of services that you will need and you can choose which ones you would like to handle or you can ask Total Investment Property Solutions to handle any one of them on your behalf depending on how comfortable you feel in buying an investment property.

Explaining the difference between homes for sale via Private Treaty and auctions

  • Initial meeting to discuss strategies and the extent of our involvement as well as giving you a set price for our service. All external services will be charged separately.
  • Discuss any goals and long term plans that your own financial planner or professional in regards to property has given you
  • Recommend a finance broker or lender
  • Investigating areas which are suitable for purchasing your next property
  • Property research and profiling areas
  • Attending open inspections with you
  • Discussing offer for property
  • Negotiation of the asking price with the vendor or agent
  • Discussing conditions required before signing on the dotted line
  • Attending auctions with you and bidding on your behalf if required
  • Explaining the difference between homes for sale via
  • Private Treaty and auctions
  • Organizing property inspections
  • Refer you to an insurance agent to organize your Landlord and/or other insurances
  • Refer you to a land broker/ conveyance
  • Refer you to an accountant
  • Organizing a property manager to look after your property
  • Discuss profiles for suitable tenants and the rent that should be achieved
  • Refer you to a financial adviser to ensure you are aware of your commitments before you take the first step and all potential risks have been made aware of.
  • Dealing with developer if property is to be redeveloped
  • Organize quotes for minor or major repairs before tenanting
  • Organizing a Quantity Surveyor
  • Organize a pre-evaluation of property
Please note if there is something not on this list that you want us to do for you, just ask.

We work with financial planners, accountants, home loan providers, insurance agents and many other services to ensure that we can refer you on to the right person if required so that everything runs smoothly for you today and in the future.