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At TIPS, we believe First Home Owners and South Australian’s who are looking for great value properties should not have to jump through hoops to buy a home. Some businesses seem to think affordable homes Adelaide has on offer should be priced within a range which is in actual fact well outside the affordability of the average First Home Owner. Worse still, buying Affordable Homes Adelaide – wide through a Government agency, it can seem the paperwork and process is beyond imagination.

We firmly believe in supporting South Australians, and as such ensure we have property for sale to enable Adelaide households on low to moderate incomes to purchase a home. In some cases, we at TIPS have struck a deal with the developer to offer homes for sale exclusively to households for period of time before they are offered for sale to the wider Adelaide market.

After a number of potential buyers contacted us sharing their frustrations in the competitive market in Adelaide, and the difficulty in securing affordable homes in Adelaide any closer than 20kms from the CBD, we now look at projects where a selection of the properties on offer can meet the level of affordability by the average South Australian and the astute First Home Owner.

If you would like further details about Affordable Homes in Adelaide, or if you are a First Home Owner just starting off in the Adelaide market, contact our friendly team at TIPS.

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