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Investment Properties Adelaide

Many people believe that owning any Investment Properties Adelaide – wide are beyond reach, too difficult and wrought with risk. Some believe Adelaide investment properties will cost them thousands of dollars upfront, and hundreds of dollars per week. But at TIPS we know that just isn’t the case. Many of our clients have been astounded to find out that they could buy an Investment Property in Adelaide with no deposit at all through accessing the equity in their existing home for use as the deposit, and for as little as $39 per week contributions.

At Total Investment Property Solutions, we specialise in educating everyday people in the process of purchasing Adelaide investment properties. Only once clients understand the process, will we suggest a property to consider for purchase. It is our policy to avoid offering properties to you, until we have assessed your situation, considered options and we will never push property purchasing upon you.

You are invited and encouraged to talk to any relevant parties to discuss your situation before you proceed with your investment. This could include professionals such as your accountant, financial planner, home loan lender and even friends and family. Once you are really comfortable with the thought of looking further into buying an investment property, we will then show you a selection of Adelaide house and land packages to be built from a broad range of some of Adelaide’s best builders. ALL investment properties Adelaide – wide are within 40 kilometres of the Adelaide CBD and we will never offer you a property in a location that you cannot check out for yourself.

Unlike many other companies, we only work one-on-one with our clients and don’t hold large seminars where they treat all clients as being essentially in the same situation. Many people fail in property investment because they rush in or get poor or inadequate advice. Others may never get started, thinking it’s just all too hard. At TIPS we will help you every step of the way to ensure that we minimize the stress and maximize your potential return. Through Adelaide property investment, you are able to make decisions on how you decide to run and manage your property, as well as take advantage of Adelaide’s stable property market.

Now here’s some great news, choose a house and land package from one of our associated builders and our sales service to you will be absolutely and unconditionally FREE. That’s right, not one cent. In fact in most cases we will even reward you with contributions towards services with our investor bonus packs.

Rental Guarantee for Investment Properties Adelaide – wide!

When you select Total Investment Property Management (TIPM), our sister company, to look after your Adelaide investment properties, we could even throw in a rent guarantee with your new home (applicable to certain properties). That’s right, we could even guarantee the rent! So not only will we help you find your new investment property in Adelaide, we will even help you find a tenant and could guarantee the rent. Call now for a free no obligation meeting or fill out our online enquiry form and we will contact you as soon as possible.